About Moody and the Residential Cleaning Program
Want to know what you're getting into? Hey, we understand! Here's a little background on Moody Insurance Worldwide and our exclusive Residential Cleaning Program:

In a nutshell, we attribute much of the success of our program to certain key strengths:
  • Program coverage available in all 50 states
  • Strong relationships with many reputable, national insurance carriers
  • Over 15 years experience developing specialized insurance programs
  • Coverage tailored to meet the needs of the professional cleaning industry
  • Competitive pricing and program stability throughout changing market conditions
  • Excellent customer service from insurance professionals trained to understand your industry

Moody Insurance Worldwide has been a leader in providing insurance for the professional cleaning industry segment for many years. We developed our first program back in the early '90s and have stayed the course while other insurers and agents have come and gone during difficult cycles. As the insurance marketplace has changed and opportunities have presented themselves, we have partnered with different insurance carriers, ensuring that our pricing remains competitive. Our coverage has always been comprehensive and tailored specifically to cover those claims that professional cleaning companies are most likely to have.

Moody Insurance Worldwide is an independent insurance agency - one of the top brokers in the Washington DC Metro Area - and we have access to several large national insurance companies as well as key regional insurers. Having a tailored program in place with more than one insurance company gives Moody, and Moody's clients, the advantage of access to more than one option. This also creates a competitive pricing environment that helps to keep our client's premiums down.

An illustration of our commitment to this industry, Moody never ceased seeking out insurance markets in even the most challenging states. California, Florida, and Texas, to name a few, are some of the states where Moody continues to provide competitive and comprehensive coverage for the professional cleaning industry.

Outstanding customer service is Moody's #1 priority. We pride ourselves on our exceptional, long-running relationships with some of the top franchises/trade associations in this industry. Year after year, Moody earns top marks for customer satisfaction. Our goal is to go above and beyond the average insurance agent and provide our customers with information, support, and real advocacy on their behalf to the insurance company.

You can count on Moody Insurance Worldwide!

Please contact us with any questions or to request a coverage quotation:

Laura Bianchini, CISR, CIC
National Accounts Executive
800-966-0001 x3009
Fax (301) 417-0040

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