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What ARCSI members are saying about Moody's program…

"They spotted a couple of deficiencies I was unaware of and were quick and efficient in getting quotes."

Alison Palmer
Custom Maid Ltd., Inc.

"I had switched to Moody 1 ˝ years ago. They are GREAT people to work with. They are very knowledgeable about the residential cleaning industry and they have an insurance package that is geared specifically for our industry. Both the rates I am paying and the coverage that I have are much better than I could find before I started using them. Their customer service, something hard to find, is great! I wholeheartedly recommend them to our ARCSI members."

Chuck Terpstra
The Cleaning Pros, Inc.

"When I was up for renewal I had a HUGE problem. My experience mod was 1.86 and three local agencies told me I had to be in the state high risk pool. Moody not only got me out of the pool, they saved me 20% on my GL policy."

ARCSI Member

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