Loss Runs
"Loss runs" are reports provided by your insurance company that document the claim activity on each of your policies. Even if no claims have been reported on a policy, a loss run report should be generated reflecting no losses. These are available free of charge from your insurer.

To get the most competitive quote on your insurance, loss runs or a statement of losses for the last three (3) policy terms are required. Some customers want to know why these are necessary, which we understand because there is some extra effort involved in obtaining loss runs. Think of it this way: An insurance company is bound to offer the best pricing on accounts where they can verify what the prior claims history has been. Without this information, they aren't in the same position to pull out all the stops on pricing.

We want to help you obtain your loss runs! Contact Moody, and we will walk you through the process. Or, click here to download a loss runs request document that you can complete and send on your own.

A few tips on requesting loss runs:

  • With today's automation, many times it's easier and faster to obtain loss runs directly from the insurance company rather than the agent. If you contact Moody with the name of the insurance company and your policy numbers, we can help you get in touch directly with the insurer.
  • Wherever possible, send your request using email versus mail or fax. Our experience shows that you'll see a quicker turnaround time with email requests. Email also makes follow-up easier for you if you don't receive a prompt response.
  • If you run into any trouble, please call us! We'll be glad to help in any way we can.

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