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Not all insurance programs are created equal. If you have coverage in place now, there may be some questions you need to ask your agent.

Having provided insurance in your industry for many years now, Moody Insurance Worldwide is well acquainted with the insurance marketplace for residential cleaning services. There are not many insurers who offer all of the special coverage extensions provided by our program. Premium is an extremely important consideration, but you must consider the vital coverage you may be sacrificing.

If you are purchasing a policy that is providing "the wrong coverage" (not covering the kinds of claims you are most likely to have) then, no matter how little you are paying, you are probably paying too much!

To assist you in making certain that you have the coverage you need, we have devised a questionnaire that you can send to your current agent. Many times, without realizing it, insurance agents may erroneously believe and assure you that their policies provide Care, Custody & Control, Workmanship, Lost Key coverages and/or Bonding without conviction requirement. It is best to request that the company underwriter who may be more familiar with their policy form complete and sign the questionnaire so that you have this coverage confirmation in writing.

If any of these key coverages are not provided on your new policy, we urge you to contact us to see what our program has to offer! To request a quote

If your current agent can't answer YES to these questions, then you may not have the coverage you need!

Click here to download the coverage questionnaire in PDF format.

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